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Maite Artajo

Maite Artajo Sanchez (Pamplona, 1988) also known as M van Koekje, is a photographer, creative director, and graphic designer. She belongs to the generation of photographers that even living in the digital era, are still loyal lovers of the analogic format. M van Koekje highlights the peculiarities of how she captures moments that will later help her build her own story.

After having worked for years in her own photo-diary composed only of analogic pictures from very different scenarios (Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Pamplona). She is now focused on the feminine, the muse that takes us through a magnificent combination of lights, to purely cinematographic scenes. The notorious influence of cinema in her portfolio and the fact she only works with analogic photography has taken her, these last years to work with audiovisual drafts & projects getting closer to photography direction.

Immersed in a world where it looks like everything has been photographed already, she takes the liberty to express and develop her own language based on feeling. Her photography achieves, through her exceptional handling of color and composition, influenced by her studies in graphic design, to transmit what she experiences before taking the shot. Aside from experimenting with analogic as well as with ¨filmsoup¨or double exposure technique. The artist offers us a world impregnated with lights that can change space and features from the bodies and faces of women achieving perfect harmony.

She has created several personal artistic projects, highlighting Rara(2018) and Girls, by girls (2016). She has also appeared in many publications as Curated by girls (2020), Fuzzmagazine(2018), and Got art Lab (2017) among others. She was the winner of the young local program "Jóvenes artistas Encuentros de Navarra 2019" with the audiovisual project ¨En el otro lado/On the other side¨, created together wih Miguel Goñi. Among his latest works, the co-direction and direction of photography of the latest video clips of Chica Sobresalto (2023) and the 8M campaign for the government of Navarra (2022) stand out.


Maite Artajo
Maite Artajo


Graphic designer "Verano en rojo" Link: IMDB
Graphic designer "Alguien que cuide de mí" Link: IMDB
Camera Trainee at "Espejo Espejo". Link: IMDB
Still photography at "Larrua jo"· D´a festival. Link: IMDB
Direcction "Blue" by Labana.
Direcction "Magia y vida" by Quebec.


"Mujeres fotógrafas" workshop for Asociación Fotográfica Argi Valle de Egüés / 2019

Selected clients

Gvtarra, Chica Sobresalto, That Feeling Cosmetics, Morgana Sanderson, Caramelo Vintage, Arima Cosmetics, Xabier Pelegrin

Solo exhibitions

"Rara", casa de cultura Valle de Aranguren, Mutilva, 2018.
"Girls by girl", Asociación Fotográfica y Cinematográfica de Navarra, Pamplona, 2016.


Jóvenes Encuentros Navarra 2019, "En el otro lado" with Miguel Goñi, 2019.

Online press

Curated by girls / 2020
Liberoamerica / 2019
Grunge and art magazine / 2019
El club de las mujeres invisibles · antena3 / 2019
Fuzzmagazine / 2018
Diario de noticias / 2018
Got art lab / 2017
La ventana del arte / 2016
Lamono magazine / 2016

Print press

Kirsten magazine #3
El mono magazine #32




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